Laura McLove is my literary alter ego. Laura is a writer and a musician, a loser in love but ever hopeful to find redemption in the arms of a fellow traveller. She is a complicated charactercredible, loveable, insecure, vulnerable, witty, bright and brave, with an almost tangible access to the metaphysical. She is never happier than when exploring foreign lands.

Laura serves as both the protagonist and unwitting anti-heroine of the novels in which she appears.


the BUDAPEST artists' club

Music. Dance. Betrayal.
Budapest, 1999. Millennium Night. Two identical violas. An instrument ‘heist’. But for what? What is the mystery of the strange three-stringed viola that has been hanging in a Romanian museum for decades? A walk through the past for Laura McLove as she returns to present day Budapest, in search of a folk dancer called Zoltán, all the while retelling the tale when she became the fall girl for a musical instrument heist in those inbetween days–post communism, pre EU. Those Were The Days ...

Will she find Zoltán? And what’s with the three strings anyway?
A little bit retro, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.
Come and join Laura and her old friends as they once again go dancing at The Budapest Artists’ Club. You’re never too old to fancie a folkie.

the naked sommelier

Where the Law of Attraction meets the War on Terroir
Frustrated writer Laura McLove finds the ideal way to avoid writer’s block–a younger man. Leon–flaxen hair, eyes of cornflowers, lips for kissing, a French wine expert and rugged traveller. Laura manipulates her way onto Leon’s US road trip using the law of attraction. But what about her great debut novel? And does she get the guy?
If you like your romantic fiction without the romance, and your literary fiction from the school of Fante and Bukowski, this is an unashamed how-the-hell-to-become-a-writer novel. Not from the pen of another bright–and male–young thing. No! This is a full-on, hormonal literary reclamation from a woman making damned sure she gets in on the action. Sort of.

Hollywood Balaton KINDLE COVER eBook.jpg

Coming soon!

Cover Designs (2).png

Traditional rites from a Friday night. A downtown love story.

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