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Outline of Mountains
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MEET LAURA McLOVE—Lover of Music and Dance alike


Laura McLove is my literary alter ego.


Laura is a writer and a musician, a loser in love but ever hopeful to find redemption in the arms of a fellow traveller. She is a complicated character–credible, loveable, insecure, vulnerable, witty, bright and brave, with an almost tangible access to the metaphysical. She is never happier than when exploring foreign lands.

Laura serves as both the protagonist and unwitting anti-heroine of the novels in which she appears.

With a passion for music and the metaphysical, my stories are light literary mystery-romance, inspired also by the great city of Budapest and other places I've travelled.

The Budapest Artists' Club is written about a fictional venue but here is my favourite club on a Friday night in downtown Budapest. Click below and spot the author!


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